Offers assistance in my way back the tracked path. Like the ball of yarn from the myth, points are marked on the map of visited spots, that can be viewed on the statistics screen.


Firstly a mobile device is required in order to pair and transmit data.

Tracking Mode

We differentiate between offline and online mode. The latter meaning sampling data without sending it over bluetooth to a paired mobile device.

Interface Modes

Depending on the environmental setting the explorer can switch between light...

Interface Modes

and dark mode ;)

What ever YOU prefer.


Previous Sessions can be revisited, searched for and analyzed again.


Both online or offline data can be viewed in the mapbox. The difference lying in when the data is present to be viewed.


  • cross-platform for Android and iOS via flutter
  • data transfer is signalized via bluetooth notification
  • exclusively working with indoorpositioning GATT-profiles


  • offline - save tracked data localy on the SD card
  • online - saving and transfering data to a paired mobile device


  • create new sessions in online mode
  • when creating a session, a GPS Location is identified for a precise starting point
  • upon receiving data from THESEUS, they are visualised through the map and stats views
  • every session has a settings view